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Physical Culture Club - preschool Classes at Hinchinbrook Physie - for girls and ladies 3 years old and up
Physical Culture Club - primary Classes at Hinchinbrook Physie - for girls and ladies 3 years old and up
Physical Culture Club - teens Classes at Hinchinbrook Physie - for girls and ladies 3 years old and up
Physical Culture Club - ladies Classes at Hinchinbrook Physie - for girls and ladies 3 years old and up


Ages 3-4

Physie is the PERFECT activity for Preschoolers

Every smile is precious. Every milestone they reach is cherished. With Physie, we’ll help give your little one the best start to life with classes that educate and delight.

Each week, they’ll go on an adventure of imaginative movement to the soundtrack of beautiful movement. With nurturing teachers who encourage your little one by celebrating their progress and praising their growth, your child will smile every moment of the class.

Through positive encouragement and engaging classes, children learn how to communicate through movement, music and performance, giving them the skills they need to thrive.

Physie will teach your preschooler not only the joy of dance, but also the social skills they will need at school. Physie will give your daughter the strongest foundations to help her become a confident little girl.

You’re welcome to bring your daughter in for her first Physie class free ­ and watch her blossom before your eyes.

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Physie has been a part of my family’s life now for over 10 years. My 3 girls aged 17, 14 and 11 started Physie at a very young age. At the time, I had never heard of Physie before and thought I would see what it was all about. What I now love about it is that it encompasses various dancing and physical techniques and I have watched their confidence, ability and flexibility grow year after year – so much so that I started to do it myself! It is now an activity that we all take part in together in a great family-oriented club. Physie has taught my children and myself what it is to always try your best in both individual and team competitions.

Sonia Briscas


AGES 5­-14

Friendships and Memories they’ll treasure for life

With confidence, girls can achieve anything they dream of. Surrounding your daughter with positive role models who celebrate her strengths is the greatest gift we can give. Physie is an activity that will keep your daughter healthy, motivated and on track to become the best she can be.

Watch your child’s confidence grow as they connect and develop special friendships that will stay with them forever. Social bonds are constantly nurtured and encouraged both in and outside of the classroom with lots of engaging activities with our Physie community that will see your child blossom.

Your daughter will be dancing around the house, eyes sparkling with joy as she practices the choreography. She’ll adore her first proper BJP leotard and count the sleeps until her next Physie class.

The skills your daughter will learn at Hinchinbrook Physie will set her up for life. It’s not just steps and routines, it’s learning how to be dedicated and diligent. She’ll learn resilience and teamwork, and also to think for herself.

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The main thing that I love about Physie is that it gives the shy kids more confidence. When my daughter, Zara, first started, she had no self confidence. It was with the help of her teachers that she came out of her shell, making her a confident kid in Kindergarten. Our Physie club is one big family! You can see the friendships between the girls develop as they grow up together, but even more than that, the friendships that I share with the other parents make me feel like I’m part of a bigger family. Everyone’s there for the same reason – win or lose, everyone’s a winner within the club.
Belinda McKenna


Ages 15+

Whether you’ve grown up performing or are new to dance, at Hinchinbrook Physie you’ll discover a new passion in your life.

Surrounded by a dedicated team, you’ll be encouraged to reach for the stars and challenge yourself to achieve your goals. Take your strength and creativity to the next level as you practice with your friends and perform as part of a team.

Through Physie you’ll be able to travel and compete on a national platform, meeting other like-minded girls from across Australia. Broaden your horizons as we nurture you to reach your full potential.

Your Physie classes are an empowering space where you can be yourself and make friendships you’ll adore for life. Physie will give you the confidence and life skills to perform your best in all areas of life, including school and the workplace.

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My favourite part of Physie is that everyone can be involved! I love watching my daughter have fun and make new friends and my wife and I love to help out in the club. It’s a family sport.
Grant Mellish


Ages 18+

The best exercise is when you’re having so much fun, you don’t even realise you’re exercising. That’s what Physie will give you. A weekly class where laughter and friendships come hand in hand with strength and fitness. Find an activity that nourishes not only your body but your soul. Regardless of your fitness level or experience, Physie will energise, strengthen and tone your body week by week.

Join women who are friendly, welcoming and who make exercising a joy. Physie will not only be your source of physical activity but your cherished community of like-­minded friends who will support you as you bring out your best.

Physie is a sport for women of all ages and abilities and you are welcome to come try your first class for free.

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We love getting the chance to spend time with our friends as well as each other – we don’t know what we’d do without it!
Montana and Mackenzie Stramandinoli